NOW Tumblr’s being an ass. To repeat what was written earlier after Tumblr ate the text (probably a good thing - it was even more pissy than this post).

Compare the two and you’ll know which one’s original and which one where an asshat took our picture, photoshopped the URL out, bleached the picture and reposted to their tumblr.  WTF?!! Don’t call yourself a fan when you don’t have respect for the artist/creator and mutiliate the original work. Knowing how to do “save as” and then altering it in your photoshoppe don’t make you special.  It makes you an asshole. And I can only hope you didn’t do this to other artists that you “like”.

We put the URL there for a reason - so people can trace who did the original picture. Although we KNOW who the original source is, we are not going to call them out. If you do a search hard enough - you’ll find out who.

Thanks for a wonderful start to a weekend.