We are GOOD with people reblogging and reposting the picture as a whole. But you just worked to demotivate the artist/creator when you disrespect their creations by something so intentional as removing the credit.  We are not looking for atta-boy emails or food for our ego. We are just asking you not to graffiti what we spent hours doing for the fandom.  It’s a sure way to run the artists out of the said fandom.



NOW Tumblr’s being an ass. To repeat what was written earlier after Tumblr ate the text (probably a good thing - it was even more pissy than this post).

Compare the two and you’ll know which one’s original and which one where an asshat took our picture, photoshopped the URL out, bleached the picture and reposted to their tumblr.  WTF?!! Don’t call yourself a fan when you don’t have respect for the artist/creator and mutiliate the original work. Knowing how to do “save as” and then altering it in your photoshoppe don’t make you special.  It makes you an asshole. And I can only hope you didn’t do this to other artists that you “like”.

We put the URL there for a reason - so people can trace who did the original picture. Although we KNOW who the original source is, we are not going to call them out. If you do a search hard enough - you’ll find out who.

Thanks for a wonderful start to a weekend.

Posted not only for the art, but for the message. This fandom is becoming notorious for art theft, and it makes me a volatile mixture of angry and sad. There are so very many so-called “appreciation” blogs these days that have become famous simply because they repost everything and thus are constantly seen as a presence in the tags. This is not how you show appreciation for a fandom, by stealing the contributing artist’s works and making sure they get no credit or feedback for their endeavors. If you do this, you are actually hurting the fandom. Many artists are getting fed up and implementing larger, more distracting watermarks. Others have left the fandom altogether.


  • Claim work that is not yours as your own.
  • Alter an artist’s work without permission.
  • Post work that is not yours without crediting the artist. This credit should include a linkback and a name. “I found it on DA” or worse, “I found it on Google” is not sufficient. Admission that the work is not yours does not free you of responsibilty to the artist.
  • Post work with a credit that links to the artist’s tumblr. I understand there can be some confusion when a particular artist has many places s/he posts art and does not always include links to his/her other art blogs. I myself have inadvertently posted artwork with a link to the artist’s DA only to find their tumblr at a later date. But if you are citing their tumblr as the source, you clearly know that it already exists on tumblr. You are going out of your way to make sure the notes go to you and not the person who truly deserves them.
  • Post work, even with credit to the artist, if the artist has stated s/he does not want their work shared on other sites without explicit permission. Unless, of course, you have received permission. (Most people don’t.)


  • Reblog all the art you like from credible sources.
  • Use DA’s built-in app to post work from there with adequate credit and a linkback.
  • Use tumblr’s content source field to link back to artist’s who use other platforms to share their art. A caption giving the artist’s name is also nice in this instance.
  • Use google reverse image search or tineye to find the actual source of a piece when you know somebody has reposted it without credit or the artist’s consent.
  • Politely ask people not to post uncredited work. Some genuinely do not know what they are doing is wrong and will take measures to correct their mistake. Unfortunately, the majority just don’t seem to care, and will continue regardless.
  • Let your favorite artists know how much you appreciate their hard work with an ask or fan mail.
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