TogaQ/Jo here - we are back from Sakuracon! It was fun and wonderful to see all of you! I hope you were charmed as much as I was with my assistant “Shino”.  If you hadn’t a chance to meet him, he promised to continue the said assistance at G|P’s next show in San Jose, CA at Fanime next month.   

We are also working on a new doujinshi for Fanime release. Although there are still a couple of commercial jobs looming as well as a Boston ComiCon next weekend, I’ll try my best!

About the walk-through: the concept was put together literally at the zero hour.  As you may have guessed, it is based on a Tarot.  The only disagreement Neko and I had on the concept sketch was the placement of Katsuya’s glasses.  I gave in finally and on the floor it went.

Pro-Tip: Since I was strapped for time (we were already days behind the deadline for the doujin to finish publication and to be sent to Seattle to make the con), I employed a short cut that I favor.  I can shave off hours from painting by BW shading the finished sketch first, before applying color. 

We will post more information on the doujin we hope to complete next month soon!

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