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An excerpt from “Equilibrium” bonus story in LUCIDITY. Some of you may have read this years back when it was posted in the LJ as an unfinished piece. Since then, about 16 more pages of text has been added - minor re-writes, etc. We are looking at possibly having 2 or 3 illustrations to go with the story (time is a factor - we DO want both ITW12 and LUCIDITY to go to print this month).

Writing David and Katsuya in this context’s been interesting. Although I know we say this with each new title. But we look forward to exploring the not so romantic aspect of their relationship and its faults.

And for love of God - please don’t compare this to 50 Shades of anything you might have in mind. Like Stockholm Syndrome plotlines, we don’t do THAT kind of stories either.


“Mike told me something interesting about you a few days ago,” Katsuya said, after taking a sip of the Merlot.

“Couldn’t image what,” David said and cut off a piece of his steak. “He does have a lot of dirt on me.”


David smiled, still chewing. “He knew me back when I was still on patrol.”

“He told me you used to be a Dominant, in the BDSM scene.”

David’s face did not change expression. He ate another cube of steak. “It wasn’t a lifestyle,” he said, taking a drink from his wineglass to wash down the steak. “I was with someone who was into it and I obliged.”

“A person who asked you to…. “ Katsuya said, pausing to look for words.

“Yes,” David said. “Did it for about a year. I did it to make her happy.”

“It was a woman?”

“I want to tell you that I’m attracted to the soul of a person, not their body, but that’s not entirely true either. I like what I like,” David said with a smile. “Anyway, I was kind of glad when I didn’t have to do that anymore. As much as I understand the psychology of pain that’s part of it, I wasn’t entirely comfortable. I felt like a misogynist afterwards, when I was out of the moment. ”

Katsuya pulled himself up straighter in his seat, his food temporarily forgotten. “Why?”

“It’s a very intense experience,” David said. “It’s a superficial understanding of BDSM that the play’s deeply rooted in trust and that the concept of inflicted pain is subjective. It’s a lot more than that. You have this human being, who’s been stripped bare of their sense of self, sense of identity and ego — everything. Now you’re responsible for protecting an absolutely defenseless being and for making them feel — making them what they are, for that brief time. I was in charge in the purely physical sense. She was in charge of everything else. I suppose I would have been more into it and gotten more out of the experience if that had been my lifestyle. I couldn’t deny that there were some very powerful sexual connections involved that were like owning something very pure, and the love or lust in those few moments felt unconditional. However, it’s a lot of work to arrive at that point. Sometimes it felt like trying to wring an erection out of an impotent man. Does that make sense? ”

Katsuya shrugged.

“I loved her and did what made her happy,” David said. “So that was the only reason I was in the scene. It’s not that dirty a secret. I’ve done worse.”

“You’ve done worse?”

“Let’s not throw rocks at that sleeping dog now.”

“So, was that why you’re no longer with her?”

David tilted his head to the side and thought for a moment. “Part of it, I suppose. I didn’t want a slave; I wanted a girlfriend. Then, she wanted more than I was willing to give.”

There were a few moments of silence. David continued to carve small bites from his steak and eat, while Katsuya sipped his wine.

“Were you good at it?”

“Of course I was. Fucking with people’s minds is one of my natural talents. I have the highest confession rate in the department for a reason.”

Although David had said it with a smile, Katsuya knew it was true. Many supervisors didn’t like David on a personal level, but they couldn’t deny that he was one of the best. He was one of the commissioner’s favorites.

“For my birthday…,” Katsuya asked, “if I asked you to take me to a place where I could experience that with you, would you?”

David placed his knife and fork down on the plate. There was a frown on his face. “Would you settle for me getting into my uniform, talking dirty and giving you a light spanking instead?”

“I’m certain it’s not the same.”


chrysanthemum62 asked: Are there definite plans to re-release ITW volume 1 in English (along with volume 2) at the end of this year? And when you say end of the year do you mean November or more like end of December? I want to know, because I really enjoy your work. The wait kills me, but I understand that it takes time to produce good quality work, so please give us some news to tie us over. Keep up the awesome work you two!

End of the year probably means toward Dec. We will try our best to pull up the schedule but we are being hit with 2-3 deadlines that’s running concurrently which has to be cleared first (per contractual obligations).  

So we’ll try to have the books done by next month and into press also by Nov so they can make the catalog by Dec.

New doujin in the works to be released this month with ITW12. LUCIDITY will be a composite of studio sketches, notes and novels the prequels OOTN, NYM and FDNH were based on.  Also included will be a bonus side story with illustrations.Follow us on twitter or join our Facebook Comm for updates and info for all of our new titles and projects.Cover designed by http://kahira.tumblr.com/

New doujin in the works to be released this month with ITW12. LUCIDITY will be a composite of studio sketches, notes and novels the prequels OOTN, NYM and FDNH were based on.  Also included will be a bonus side story with illustrations.

Follow us on twitter or join our Facebook Comm for updates and info for all of our new titles and projects.

Cover designed by http://kahira.tumblr.com/

^0^ Very nice! Katsuya looks so seductive!



The sexy photograph of Katsuya.



New York Minute

This is the original script the doujin was based on.  This, along with First Do No Harm and One of these Nights will be published with the studio notes and sketches in the impending Materials Book along with ITW12 this month.

The Materials Book will include an unpublished short story (also a prequel) with at least two new illustrations as a bonus.  Join our twitter, FB or newsletter (info on our site) to get the latest update.

New York Minute

          Although it had already passed midnight, well into Christmas day, Katsuya’s focus still remained on the thick stack of papers fanned out in front of him.  Full color crime scene photos were strewn among the papers that detailed the double homicide from days ago. 

          He had chosen a seat at an oval table, his back to the window in one of the drab conference rooms that stank of stale cigarettes and spilt coffee, thinly veiled by the sweet scent of cheap air fresher.  Outside the snow still came down hard, the thickness of it lit by orange street lights.  He didn’t like New York winters.  He didn’t like the snow. 

          He’d decided to study the files at the precinct for an absurd reason.  There was always someone in the building, and there was always the constant cacophony of the city dregs resonating in the booking section down the hall.  The incoherent yelling from the drunks and shrill protests from the prostitutes made him feel less isolated, although he didn’t celebrate the holidays.  As usual, he had repeatedly refused company from other cops who had taken a liking to him and who’d tried to collect him like a stray and include him in their family functions. 

          Good thing I can self-diagnose and know if I’m insane or if I just like being a recluse.  I’m not lonely, but I don’t want to be alone.  Classic.

          Katsuya only looked up at the clock when he reached for his coffee, feeling the cold liquid through the paper cup.  It was nearly 1 A.M.  He stretched, pushing himself away from the table.  He looked out the window and frowned.  The snow had buried most of the cars in the lot, including his own.  The thought of shoveling it out pained him.  He was still staring at the strange snow-covered shape that he was certain was his sedan, when the door behind him opened abruptly.  He turned, startled by the sudden slam against the wall.

          “Sorry.  They should really attach a hydraulic thingy on top of the door,” his visitor said. 

          “I see you’ve invoked the Captain’s wrath again,” Katsuya remarked.

          Homicide detective David Krause shut the door before seating himself at the table.  He was in full uniform with his parka unzipped.  There was still a dusting of snow on his shoulders and hair.  He flung his damp wheel cap onto the table. 

          “Yes and no,” he said, shrugging off his parka and leaving it draped over the back of the chair.  “We’re already under-manned, but the Commissioner ordered three times the DUI checkpoints to be done over the next twenty-four hours.  I got drafted because of a little verbal altercation I had with the supervisors last week.”

          David knitted his fingers together and pillowed the back of his head as he leaned back in his chair.

          “It’s shit work, but at least I am not on call until the twenty-sixth.  Merry Christmas to me.”

          “For another…” Katsuya looked at the clock,  “twenty-two hours.”

          “The entire twenty-two hours.”

          “Then you should be home, enjoying it.”

          “Technically I am not off yet.  Not for another thirty minutes.  I came in to drop off a deuce.  Made McKenzie take it so I’m not stuck with the paperwork.”

          “So you’re hiding out here until your shift ends.”

          “Yeah.  If I go back out on the road, I might catch another drunk and there goes my twenty hours,” David said.  “And of course, I’m here to annoy you for a while.”

          Katsuya tapped a finger on top of the papers, uncertain what his answer should be.  He had known the detective since he was assigned to the district,  one of the very few vets that didn’t give him an uneasy look because he was Japanese and looked “too young” for his position.  He liked David.  There was an abrasiveness and callousness to the detective that Katsuya was fascinated by.  He couldn’t guess his age, although he could have easily stolen glances at the personnel records he had full access to.  He placed him at least ten years older than himself, just based on the years a cop would need to invest to reach David’s rank and position.

          “You look very nice in uniform,” Katsuya said.  It wasn’t something he would ordinarily have said, but David did look sharp. His hair was neatly brushed back so it could be tucked underneath the wheel cap.  The dark blue uniform, adorned with just a silver badge and a metal name tag, fitted him perfectly.  The man didn’t carry himself professionally all the time, but he did dress well.  He knew how to present himself and probably owned little off the rack. 

          “Turned on by a man in uniform?” David asked, a grin blossoming over his face.  He unhooked his interlaced fingers and patted his chest with one hand.  “Merry Christmas to you.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

          Katsuya laughed, something he seldom did.  He could smile easily at colleagues and strangers alike — it was part of his persona to be comforting and accessible, although he never truly meant it.  There was rarely any genuineness in his smile, and ironically he felt guilty about that.  However, David was one of the few people that made him happy and could make him laugh. 

          “Uniforms are intended to create the illusion of power and order,” Katsuya said.  “I suppose some people associate fetishism with the desire to access the power and status the uniforms represent.  Of course, this is not a confession.”

          “Don’t shop in the dollar store with ten dollar words.  You’re not gonna get change back.”

          “Right…,” Katsuya said, his smile remaining.  He looked down at the paperwork and his wish to continue evaporated.  He didn’t want to look at the pictures of the deceased or read the gory details anymore.  It felt wrong — being happy while documents of violent deaths were spread out in front of him.  He started to return them to the manila folders.

          “No plans tonight?”

          “I’m not a Christian,” Katsuya said, suddenly feeling awkward, reflecting back on his absurd comment about David’s uniform.  “Today is just another day.”

          “It won’t be.”

          “What’s that?”

          David reached out.  He hesitated for a second, short of touching Katsuya’s hand.  Instead, he started collecting the photos and slipping them back into the numbered envelopes.

          “I’m alone.  You’re alone.  Let’s be alone together.”

          Katsuya almost laughed again.  He disguised it with a cough.  “I have a personal policy about being with colleagues….”

          David rolled his eyes.  “Yes, yes…. If things don’t work out, it’d be terribly shitty to work in the same place and see each other every day, I know.  But we’re not going steady.  Just two friends being friendly.  Don’t put any conditions on how two people should behave.  You over-plan things.  It kills the spontaneity.”

          “I think that’s the point,” Katsuya said.  He dragged his briefcase from the side and placed the accordion folder bound with a rubber band into it.  “When you plan, you can anticipate the worst.”

          David leaned in – his body hovering over the table.  It was uncomfortable and he had to be on his tip-toes, but he was able to reach Katsuya.  He cupped Katsuya’s face in his hands.

          “You also will give up opportunities to find unexpected good in people, if all you do is turn them away.”

          Katsuya was confused, stunned by the sudden intimacy.  The only words he could utter were, “Your hands are very cold.”

          David smiled and planted a kiss on his lips.  A gentle kiss – almost testing Katsuya’s resolve.  When he didn’t push David away, the kiss become bolder.  The tongue that swept into Katsuya’s mouth tasted of coffee.

          “Wait for me,” David said softly, after he pulled back.

          Katsuya gave the slightest nod and David’s smile grew.  He kissed Katsuya on his forehead.

          David left his parka in the chair and cap on the table and walked out of the room.  Katsuya sat back in his chair, sinking further into it.  His lower lip felt warm.  He hadn’t felt that kind of warmth in a long time.  He felt stupid, as he reached up and touched his lower lip with his index finger. 

          He spun his chair around and looked through the window.  The snow had let up into a light flurry.  Somehow, Katsuya realized, maybe he didn’t dislike New York winters or snow so much after all.


            There was the promise of a warm cup of coffee, perhaps an early breakfast.  He didn’t have any more expectations besides company on Christmas day.  At least that was what Katsuya had thought.             

            Katsuya could feel the warmth of David’s apartment as soon as he walked in, the light snapping on behind him.  He paused a couple of steps into his friend’s place – it was very different from his own.  He looked to his right then to his left – studying the new environment with curiosity.  He was drawn back to reality when David’s hands rested on his shoulders.

            “Let me take your coat,” David said. 

            Katsuya let the coat slip off his shoulders.  Vaguely, he heard his coat and scarf pool on the polished wood flooring.  He didn’t recall much else as David wound his arms around him.  The warmth of another human being wrapped around him was a sensation that he hadn’t realized he missed, until now.

            “I’m glad you’re here,” David said.  His voice was uncharacteristically soft,  followed by a deep intake of breath, as he took in Katsuya’s scent at the nape of his neck.  “You would have broken my heart if you’d turned me down again.”

            Katsuya leaned into David’s embrace.

            “I never turned you down,” Katsuya said, turning to look at him.  He gave David a kiss on his lower lip.  “You just didn’t ask me the right way.”

            Peripherally, Katsuya looked at the trail of his clothing and shoes scattered on the floor – from the doorway, through the living room and onto the the bed.  David’s gun belt with the Beretta still strapped in its holster half hung off the bedside chair.  Katsuya’s shirt was held together by the last two buttons. His pants were undone and barely hung on his hips.  David’s uniform was still on.  Its crisp, starched fabric felt harsh against Katsuya’s bare skin, but he couldn’t complain — he’d been the one who’d asked David to keep his uniform on.

            Katsuya was pulled back into another kiss.  He gave himself up to it, letting David devour him – as the cop writhed against him, hard.  Katsuya gripped a handful of David’s erection, tracing the shape of it through his pants.

            “Have you…been with a man?” David asked into his mouth.

            The question sounded absurd and Katsuya nearly laughed. “A little late asking me this now, isn’t it?”

            “You know what I mean.”

            “Yes,” Katsuya finally said, taking a gentle bite against David’s lower lip.  “But this is the first time I really want it….”

            The confused grimace that came over David’s face then nearly spoiled the mood.  Katsuya took hold of David’s tie, not allowing him to back away.

            “Don’t think about it,” Katsuya murmured and leaned in for another kiss.  “All that matters is now.”

            It was that quick; a few words and David’s thoughts were forgotten.  He slipped his hands under Katsuya’s shirt – the skin there firm yet soft.  David was reminded briefly then, how much younger Katsuya was compared to him. 

            “Tell me what you want me to do,” David said, his breath catching.  His body still pinned Katsuya against the wall and it already knew what it wanted.  But he needed to hear it.

            Katsuya let go of the tie.  His hands slipped down, sliding along David’s body down to his belt – stopping short of the bulge that was straining against his uniform.  He leaned in, smiled and spoke into David’s ear.    


            He hadn’t any idea of the time or even where he was, when he made himself wake in a haze.  There was an interesting sensation that was still resonating throughout his body.  Not quite pleasant but not exactly pain either.  He was sore, he realized.  And he wasn’t in his own bed.

            His eyes opened to a room that wasn’t his.  He had been lying on his stomach – naked and half buried under the sheets.  He blinked – finally registering everything at one moment when he saw the gun belt with its holster and clip casing emptied, slung over the chair.  He squinted until he could read the clock.

            9:43 PM.

            There was a note tucked under that clock.  Katsuya stared at it for a while, until he could muster enough energy to push himself up and crawl over to fetch it.

            The note had a poorly drawn Santa’s head and a brief message.

            On call.  Help yourself to anything in the house.  Wait for me.  We haven’t done all of the gift exchanging yet. 

            Katsuya read the note a few more times before slipping it back onto the nightstand.  In spite of aches; he felt good.  He left the comfortable warmth of the bed and walked toward the window.  Gingerly, he pulled up the venetian blinds until he could look out at the snow-covered scenery before him.  The window looked out over a playground that was behind the apartment complex.  He could vaguely make out the shapes of the jungle gym and swings that were coated by snow.  It was still snowing.  And it was so quiet that he could hear the brush of snowflakes against the pane.  In the distance, he could see colorful dots of Christmas lights in the windows of other apartments.

            He could feel the smile on his face grow, pulling at the corners of his mouth. 

            Everything changed.  In a New York minute. 

            I got lost in the night, without the light of your eyelids,

            And when the night surrounded me

            I was born again: I was the owner of my own darkness

            -Pablo Neruda

Haha - I watched this ten times already. The tantrum part is the best.




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Baltimore Comic Con Appearance

Visit me (Jo Chen) at Baltimore Comic Con, table 119 next weekend Sep 6-7. I will have my commercial prints available as well as limited per-day commissions (head shots only and I can only take the commissions first come, first served) Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please note: Due to time constraints and obligations, I cannot take full commissions nor original art commissions. Head shots of pre-existing comics only.


這個週末9月6-7日我將會參加美國東岸的Baltimore Comic Con,桌位為116. 在地的各位有興趣的話來捧個場哦!

Midnight Snack by Suzume

We are bringing in another writer to work with G|P for additional projects, Namely, the David-centric novels which will parallel ITW timeline (Katsuya will not appear in these novels as that Katsuya is already in Japan).  

Suzume’s a writer whom we’ve known for quite a few years. It was only a couple of years ago when she tried her hands at writing in the GP-verse for “PREY” (NYM addendum short story).  We’ve received great feedbacks on her writing. We are elated to have come to a recent partnership.  

GP will still have a hand in Suzume’s creations so don’t think of the novels as “fanfics”. They will be incorporated into GP-verse as canon.

The novels (with the covers by TogaQ) will be published via KOBO as ebook first with plans of 3-4 books per year, starting this Fall. 

Here’s a scene exercise that Suzume had sent to us that convinced us that David’ll be in good hands. We hope you think so too! More feedbacks for us? Let us know via FB, email or twitter!

“Can you untie me now?”

David shifted as far as he could with his left wrist lashed to the headboard by the dark tie he’d worn to work that morning. When there was a huffed and quiet laugh given against his bare chest instead of an answer or a solution, David raised an eyebrow. Katsuya looked up; without the glasses to hide behind, his dark eyes were bright through his bangs. “I don’t think you’re interested in bondage at all,” David murmured as he reached out and pushed the strands aside. The words had a laughing lilt. “I think you’re simply a pushover for haute couture.”

“Of course,” Katsuya said, tone mild with an agreement that was completely ruined by the way his voice was husky, slow, like warmed-up molasses. He had only gotten one of David’s hands affixed to the headboard before the still-untied other had found a place that had made his fingers, body, and attentions, slack. “Even though I know you get your ties from the department store.”

“Oh? I thought haute couture was French for Macy’s.”

The streetlamp outside threw bars of orange light across the dark floor of David’s bedroom. Only a few pieces of their two suits were in evidence since they never made it much past the front door before things started to come off. It was like a breadcrumb trail, a path that lead to whatever lucky piece of furniture they’d managed to make it to before getting naked. David had need to replace the towel-rack in his hall bathroom. Twice.

Katsuya settled his chin against David’s chest and David slid his fingers into dark hair mussed by sweat. For a moment the doctor’s nose lowered enough to touch David’s skin and then the man was sitting and stretching to reach the wrist he had tied up over half an hour ago. His knee dug into David’s side as David struggled to get his shoulder blades up against the slatted wooden headboard while pillows bunched under him, bent out of shape from the most recent bout of exercise.

Long fingers slipped over the skin that had been reddened by a decidedly unfashionable poly-blend, a gift from David’s sister, and then the mattress dipped as Katsuya threw the sheets back and climbed off the bed to search the floor for his underwear. David stayed put and fell back to the pillows with a thwump of bed linens, rubbing the wrist that still gave a vague throb with each come and go of his pulse. He appreciated the view; in the electric orange glow from outside, Katsuya’s normally milky skin was a dusky sort of gold. “I’m going to make something to eat,” the doctor said as he surfaced with his briefs in hand, serene and cool as ever. As if they hadn’t just given David an excuse to wash his bedsheets.

Footsteps were soft across the hardwood. The apartment wasn’t large but it was large enough for David. He’d been in the same spot for the last seven years and had no plans to move anytime soon. His last place had been a walk-up in Queens the literal size of a closet; he had been able to cook breakfast while he took a shit. Katsuya would not have been impressed.

Not that much aside from absolute brilliance in the sack seemed to phase the doctor.

The footsteps faded down the hall and the sound of cabinetry opening and closing drifted back to the bedroom. David glanced out the window. It was either too late or too early to be eating, or maybe both. “What are you getting?” David called out from the bed. He rubbed fingertips against his scalp.


“Christ,” David said to himself, rolling over to press his face down into the pillow. It smelled like Katsuya and he wondered if it just always smelled like that, now. With a sigh David rolled himself to the edge of the bed and put his feet to the floor, curling his toes down against the cool wood. Winter was going to strongarm Spring just a little longer.

Grabbing a robe, David slipped his arms into it and tied it shut as he made his way to the glow of the kitchen. Katsuya was at the stove; he hadn’t bothered with his slacks but the apron that hung on the back of the kitchen door (Grill Sergeant) was draped around the man’s neck. The sight of the doctor in nothing but black briefs and an apron had David bitting his lip in order to keep his grin to an absolute minimum. He slid his arms around Katsuya, beneath the hanging apron.

“It’s a good look for you.”

Eyes glanced back over a bare shoulder before returning to the task at hand. The pan was warming up; David could see the haze of heat lingering in front of the stove’s tile backsplash. Bacon, the butcher’s paper already peeled open, sat on the counter nearby. David’s lips pressed to skin and his fingers brushed nipples.

Katsuya shifted just so, settling back against David a little more completely. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m always hungry.” The words were pressed against Katsuya’s neck.

“Why don’t I think you’re talking about the bacon?” Tongs were picked up and five strips went into the skillet, each with a sizzle.

David laughed and pinched the nipples that had risen in response to his touch. There was never an issue of appetite, not when it came to Katsuya. David would take seconds, thirds, as many servings as he could manage. So far, Katsuya had been only more than happy to comply. “Hmm…” David teethed the sound around Katsuya’s earlobe. “Well, what I’m thinking about is meat and it can be salty…”

A judicious amount of elbow was put into his stomach. David huffed a chuckle but only shuffled to the side, sliding his hands down a flat stomach and into the waistband of Katsuya’s underwear. He wrapped his fingers around the organ he found, soft, but there was no question that it was beginning to take interest. With his chin rested on Katsuya’s shoulder, David felt the man take a deep breath.

“I am cooking.”

“I’m. I’m cooking.”

Katsuya laughed. David loved the sound of it, that elusive, ringing tone. If only he could prompt it more often, pry away that shell that Katsuya wore so well. He molded his fingers around the cock he held onto and chuckled at the shift of hips that was his reward for dragging a thumb across the warm head. David turned his face into the mess of Katsuya’s hair. It smelled like his pillow. “Round 2?” The lengthening flesh in his hand seemed to agree.

Katsuya turned into David just enough that they were nose to nose and then mouth to mouth; Katsuya’s tongue flicked against his lips and then slipped between them. By the time he pulled away, David felt a bit winded. The man could certainly kiss when he had a mind to. “Come back to bed,” David murmured.

“The bacon.”

David made an errant, questioning sound even as his teeth caught, and then lost, Katsuya’s lower lip. Despite being able to smell the food now that the slices were beginning to crisp in the fat, it simply was not a top priority.

“I can’t leave the bacon.”

Here was something that always made David’s heart pound in a slightly erratic beat; the quick flash of defiance in Katsuya’s eyes. It was the sliver of something that ran far deeper than the put-together Doctor Asano that was presented during most of the man’s waking hours.  It was the steel at the core of him. “So,” Katsuya said, “you’ll just have to figure something out.”

David chuckled and ran his nose along the smooth curve of Katsuya’s jaw up to his ear. “I accept the challenge.”

If it was strange to feel the chill of the kitchen floor under his knees or to be brushing aside an apron to hook down Katsuya’s underwear, all to the smell of bacon (which David was quite sure he’d never be able to eat again without some kind of embarrassing physical reaction), but they were all details less important than the single one in front of him.

Katsuya’s hand slid into his hair and the pads of his fingers rubbed against David’s scalp, curled around the back of his head and under the ridge of his skull. The pressure was light but insistent even though David was already leaning forward. He slipped his mouth around the head of the cock he’d pulled free and was sinking lower, bobbing to slick the thick organ down with spit. Katsuya rocked half a step back and David put one palm against the stove door to steady himself as the other grabbed the back of a strong thigh. Katsuya tasted like sweat and salt and there was something about it that David liked—the doctor was always fastidious, meticulous. It was in the way he kept himself clean and neat and in the way he straightened his files with precise motions of his long fingers. There was something endearing about all of it, but part of David couldn’t help but think it was just like the man’s suits: a distraction. An armor. More walls. David preferred this, something a little more real.

Breathing through his nose, he pressed himself forward until he had the weight of Katsuya’s cock on his tongue and the hot head against the back of his throat. Spit flooded his mouth with the effort and he tried to swallow the salty, thick smear of taste at the back of his tongue but only managed a fluttering spasm of muscles. Katsuya’s fingers tightened spasmodically, pinching strands of hair.


His name was cut off when David swallowed again; the last consonant slipped from between Katsuya’s lips as a syllabant hiss. David’s fingers loosened from the thigh they held and slid, tracing inward along the soft southern fold where Katsuya’s ass met his leg.

Pulling back, David tongued spit from the corners of his mouth and sucked at the head of the thickening cock bobbing so close to his face, lapping after the folded fork of flesh that slid across his bottom lip. He wasn’t the most consummate giver of head on the planet, but he’d never had complaints. What David lacked in finesse he made up for in enthusiasm— which was a claim made world-round, of course, but there was a truth in it that was undeniable, so long as you enjoyed what you were doing.

Who you were doing.

David chuckled around Katsuya’s cock and earned a twitch of the heavy organ on his tongue, a twist of the fingers in his hair. The smell of bacon permeated everything but David never would have made much of a vegetarian anyway.

Hand leaving the oven door, he shifted his knees and wrapped fingers around the sharp curve of Katsuya’s hip. His thumb dug into the taut stretch of muscle that made a neat shelf of either side of the man’s lower stomach. David had little problem worshipping Katsuya in the most fundamental of ways; he liked to think that he took care of himself, but the doctor almost made him feel out of shape.

David’s nose brushed the soft skin just under Katsuya’s navel and he pressed lips there as he let his attention wander from the man’s cock; that warm, velveteen hardness—his own spit drying on the length—rested against his cheek. Katsuya’s fingers climbed through his hair and he breathed out, the words a soft kind of content, “I thought you were going to do this quickly.”

“You’re really more worried about burning the bacon than getting a blow job?” David’s fingers ghosted between Katsuya’s legs, rubbing over the drop of his balls and then further back. The man shifted, but the motion was impeded by the underwear still around his thighs.

Katsuya murmured something that went unheard by David before his cock was against David’s lips, pushed down by one hand at the base, the other guiding his head forward with a gentle sort of insistence. It made David’s own recently-spent cock twitch against his thigh under the light material of his robe. He smeared the warm head with his lips before parting them obediently. His fingers slipped beneath Katsuya’s and wrapped around the base of the man’s cock. Katsuya relented, his hand falling to his side.

With each bob down Katsuya’s length, David could feel the man’s thighs tense under his fingers. If he thought that it would have taken long due to the romp between the sheets that had occurred not even an hour before, he was wrong. Katsuya was thick in his mouth, demanding in his hair, and in very little time coming with a tight shiver of muscles and breath. David swallowed the bitter taste that splashed against the back of his throat and sunk backward onto his heels, fingers prying at the corner of his mouth.

“Guess I don’t need a midnight snack after a—”

The words were stopped with the press of Katsuya’s mouth to his and David’s eyes widened and then lowered to close as a tongue slipped across his lips. “Hmm,” he offered as Katsuya pulled back and reached for his underwear for the second time that night. “A man could get ideas.” There was the elastic sound of Katsuya’s waistband and David rose from his kneel with a chuckle. The bacon was flipped belatedly; they were a little too crisp for his tastes, now. He leaned against the counter.

“I’m still going home tonight.” Katsuya didn’t spare a glance in his direction, but his voice was still the soft tone that he’d slowly developed over nights spent in each other’s company. A voice David only ever heard when they were alone.

The detective gave a shrug. “Suit yourself. It took me a year to get you into bed, what’s another few months spent getting you to stay there?”

Laughing, he dodged the poke of tongs that Katsuya sent his way.

^0^ Baby is so cute ~~~~~ 


Continued from yesterday.

Baby Kenji’s daily life.

Going for a walk with Mother Katsuko.

It’s VERY happy  for baby Kenji to spend the daytime with Mother Katsuko, because David who is baby Kenji’s enemy went to work and he isn’t at home.

Baby Kenji is crying after having a afternoon nap because of hunger.

He satisfied his hunger with baby food.

Then, he learns how to walk by using the baby-walker that Mother Katsuko bought for him.